6 Reasons why you Need Marriage Certificate in India for Married Womens

6 Reasons why Marriage Certificate is so Important in India for Married Womens & its Vital Benefits

Marriage Certificate is Not merely a piece of Paper, But a valuable Document, A evidence of Marriage. Its More Important for the Married women for their Social Security & Self Confidence. Widely used to Establish the Marriage.

There are Many Advantage and Reasons why Marriage Certificate is so Important for you, But following are some of the reasons why you should consider Marriage Certificate.

The below article discusses about the 6 importance reasons to have marriage certificate in India.

◘ To Declare Proof of Marriage

Marriage Certificate is a document, which provides Evidence of marriage. Is it Obtain after a Proper legal Procedure, Producing Proper Documents stating the Marriage Details, and Its Signed by Bride, Groom, Witness in the prsence of Marriage Registrar.

◘ Applying for Visa

◘ Claiming of Bank Deposits / Life Insurance / Mutual Funds

In case of the death of the spouse and No Nomination is Made, Marriage Certificate is usefull While claiming of Bank Deposits, Life Insurance Policies, Mutual Funds etc.

◘ Any Future Disputes / NRI

◘ Addition of Spouse Name in Documents

After Married, its very important now a days to get your Name corrected like adding Surname of In-laws or adding Spouse Name in Documents like Passport, we Need Marriage Certificate as Proof

◘ Probation of Will

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