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My Marital Status & ““

   There are talks of women empowerment these days.And we also read about women’s safety being breached daily.Yes, this is the real world.Women still fight for the rights of equality. I, Pooja Mehta, a photographer by profession was born & raised in a family where women are given their due respect & recognition. I got married two years ago.

   I thought of procuring a marriage certificate two years ago I had traditional wedding. I needed marriage certificate for various purposes like in my profession, travelling etc. I made necessary inquiries & made an application with the city agency working for marriage registrations . I thought things would be done in a weeks time .But fifteen days,then a month passed by but I did not receive my marriage certificate . I thought may be I had made some mistake while making an application .So, I cross checked all the documents & form that I had submitted .I found no error on my part. I went to the authorities to find the cause of delay. Every I time , I went I was turned around giving lame excuses . Fed up,I approached a site called “” on my cousin’s recommendation.

   As the name suggests “” truly did a seva by helping me get a marriage certificate at the earliest .Their sincere & dedicated staff worked diligently & completed all the paperwork required .They assured me that I will receive my marriage certificate in less than a week’s time. And I actually did. They made my work very smooth & easy. Having a marriage certificate made me happy & boosted my self esteem . evolved my self confidence in making me get a marriage certificate in a short period of time . A woman when supported by the right kind of people like the ones at “” really encourages her morale. It helps her feel secured.

   I would like to recommend “” to all the married couples who wish to seek a marriage certificate . And I think it is one of the crucial documents any married couple should have. It makes lot of applications procedure gain weight like application for jobs,insurance policies , getting a passport made etc. Thank you “” for your quick & reliable services.

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