How to obtain Muslim Marriage Certificate.

I am Imran Khan, a Sunni Muslim by birth, and I live in Mumbai. I am 22, and I have got married to Salma, just a week ago. She too is a Muslim. Ours was an arranged marriage since we are from a conservative family. I am working as a hardware engineer, but I’m on a month’s leave, for marriage. Our marriage took place in the traditional Muslim way, in the mosque, duly solemnized as per the Muslim Customs & traditions in presence of People by the Kazi. We have the Nikah Nama, Wedding Card, wedding Photographs etc. We have all this as Evidence.
But, I’ve heard from my friend that, marriage registrations have been made compulsory by the government. I mean, it needs to be registered with the Maharashtra state government, since we are from Mumbai. I never bothered to know about all this, until now that I am married. I did not have time to get all this information to myself, so I am unaware of the rules. It’s true, we understand things only when we are in a situation.
Just after we came back from our honeymoon my Wife, Salma, had a discussion about registering our marriage, and obtaining a marriage certificate for ourselves. My father too told me that registering the marriage is compulsory now. So, he gave me a consultancy’s phone number, and told me to make a visit to complete the procedure as soon as possible. My father told me to first, get the marriage registered before my leaves came to an end. After that, we also had to do my wife’s name-change documentation work. So, here! There was lots of things to be done, not just the marriage certificate. But, the marriage certificate was of prime importance. I had to get this work done before my leaves ended.
I contacted the consultancy on phone, and spoke to an executive and said and asked for an appointment to visit their office. I told the executive that I recently got married and I needed to make my Marriage Certificate. Congratulations, said the executive. We shall assist you in getting your marriage registered with the Maharashtra state government and also help you obtain your Muslim Marriage certificate. Until now, I thought that a marriage certificate is common for all. I never knew that there is a something called a Muslim Marriage certificate. On inquiring further from the executive, I got to know the entire thing about the procedure of registering a marriage. I got to know the importance and validity of registering a marriage. The executive had a complete explanation which I write here, for you.
India is a multi-religious country. Hence, there are different marriage acts that govern various religion.
In India, marriages can be registered in accordance to the Hindu Marriage Act- 1955, or Special Marriage Act-1954.
The Hindu marriage act is applicable on Hindu, Buddhist, Sikhs and the Aryasamaj religion.
The Special Marriage Act, 1954 applies to people from Muslims, Christians, Parsees or the Jewish religions.
The marriageable age for males is, older than 21 years of age, and for females it is, older than 18 years of age.
So, to get a marriage registered under The Special Marriage Act, 1954, both Bride & Groom will have to be from the same religion.
Since you and your wife are from Maharashtra, the marriage needs to be registered under Maharashtra Regulation Marriage Bureaus and Registration of Marriages 1998.
I was very happy with the information provided by the executive. I asked for an appointment to visit their office. But I was glad when I heard that they provided a home service for document pickup. I was comfortable with the fee too. So, why delay, I thought. The next day itself, the executive came to our house for the documents and I paid in full since I felt they were authentic. The executive left after giving me a visiting card. Now, I just need to wait for the call to visit the Ward office to sign the register, along with my wife. The consultancy would proceed further to get me an appointment for that purpose. Well, that’s all! It should all be over in a month’s time, and I would be having my marriage certificate with me.
A marriage certificate is useful in both, personal & professional life of an individual. Life is much easier if you have your marriage certificate with you. To read more about The Special Marriage Act, 1954, click here.

There are specific documents needed for obtaining your marriage certificate.
Completely filled application form signed by both, husband and wife.
Proof of Address – Voter ID/ Ration Card/ Passport, Driving License.
Proof of Date of Birth of both, husband and wife.
2 passport sized photographs, 1 marriage photograph.
We will help you to book an appointment at the marriage registrar office.
After visiting registrar office, you will get the Marriage Registration Certificate in 1 month.

For all your queries, we have the ‘start to end counselling and solution’ for getting your marriage certificate. Contact: 9821794000.

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