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Marriage Certificate Is Mandatory For Opening A Joint Account With Spouse

   Marriage made my world beautiful.This new beginning brought along with it a some pleasant surprises.My hubby , Abhishek, gifted me an apartment in a plush suburban high rise that I had always dreamt of. He is very supportive of my career & that makes me feel I have married the man of my dreams!! Prior to marriage my identity was Aastha Talwar. Today,I am Aastha Mehra. I am a graphic designer by profession. As I said, Abhishek is a very supportive guy & encourages me to pursue my dreams. After I settled into my new life, I thought of opening a fresh new bank account with my new identity & new address with a reputed bank as it happened to be very close by in the vicinity. I closed my old bank account with the previous bank which was quite a distance from my new address . I applied for opening a savings bank account in the new bank.I went through the list of documents to be attached along with the application form. One of their mandatory requirement for a married person wanting to open an account was, a marriage certificate . Ours was a conventional Hindu marriage involving traditional ceremonies & rituals. No one from our families had ever opted for a registered marriage.

   So no one in the family ever possessed a “marriage certificate”. Even though we got married the traditional way, we never thought of registering our marriage & getting a “marriage certificate” . Now, that it became mandatory for me to submit one, I surfed the net for the websites & approached the local govt. agencies to procure one.I had never thought that approaching them would turn out to be such a terrible experience !! I personally made rounds of the marriage registrar’s office.Each time I visited their office , they would put up unreasonable excuses to turn down my application for obtaining a “marriage certificate”. They came up with silly excuses like the application not duly filled, sometimes absence of the main authority, irregularities in time & not so smooth & friendly working environment. Fedup with this harassment, which went on for quite a few days, I lost all my patience. Because it was urgent for me to open my bank account being into the professional world.

Without a bank account ,I was finding it difficult to carry out my routine transactions like making or collecting a

   Payment through paytm,credit / debit cards,NEFT etc. The staff there was not all cooperative & after several requests they never paid heed to speed up the process in getting my marriage certificate . This made me restless & Abhishek found it difficult to see me so disressed. He came across a print ad titled “”. He surfed this website which dealt in helping people obtain a “marriage certificate”. The very next day , I approached them. The staff at “” was very polite & listened to the problem I had faced with the local govt. agency in getting my marriage certificate . They offered to help me get the marriage certificate as soon as possible . Their way of working was simple & efficient .They filled an online application on my behalf with the help of the details provided by me. The details were verified in less than a week & I received my marriage certificate the very next week . Soon my new bank account got opened & my transactions fell in place. I am extremely thankful to “” for understanding my problem & helping me solve the matter in the quickest of time . I would recommend “”to people looking out for registering their marriage & getting a marriage certificat.

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