Get Your Marriage registered & Obtain Marriage Certificate in Mumbai / Thane / Navi Mumbai, after Its solemnized (Duly performed) as per Muslim Customs & Traditions

Note : One Can only Register Marriage / Apply for Marriage Certificate in Maharashtra, if The marriage is solemnized (Duly perform a ceremony ) in the geographical territory of Maharashtra State

Even After Marriage is duly solemnized as per the proper Christian Customs & traditions in Church, in presence of People & Priest, Wedding Card or Wedding Photograph/Video as Evidence, , Its won’t considered Valid unless the Civil Registration of the Marriage under Maharashtra Regulation Marriage Bureaus And Registration Of Marriages 1998.

As per Law in India, Any Marriage will considered Legal & valid if its Registered Under Either Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or Special Marriage Act 1954 & obtained MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE as proof of marriage. If the Both Bride & Groom is Muslim by religion or Converted in to it, Then the marriage will be registered under SPECIAL MARRIAGE ACT 1954.

By registering your Marriage formally not only makes it Valid & Legal, But it also Provide a Documents – Marriage Certificate, its legal proof & the most vital document of a marriage. Marriage Certificate is Very Useful for obtaining Documents Like Bank A/C, Passport, LIC Policy & Most Important VISA.

Obtaining Marriage Certificate now is not like Before, Now you can apply your Marriage Certificate Online. We guide you to the Process with ease, But need to get the following Documents ready before Applying.

Document Required for Applying Marriage Certificate

  • Age Proof of Bride & Bridegroom : Leaving Certificate OR Passport OR Birth Certificate OR Domicile Certificate OR PAN Card
  • Residential Proof of Bride & Bridegroom : Ration Card OR Passport OR Election Card OR Light Bill And Telephone Bill Of Own Name ( Please Note:- In Case Of Bride Residential Address should be Before Or At The Time Of Marriage Require).
  • Proof of Witness (3) :- Ration Card OR Passport OR Election Card OR Driving Licence OR Govt. Identity Card.
  • Wedding Card ( In Case Of Non Availability Of Wedding Card Rs 100=00 Stamp Paper Affidavit Of Both Husband Wife And Three Witnesses Is Required )
  • Rs. 100=00/- Court Fee Stamp
  • Two (2) Joint photographs of both bridegroom & bride in b2 size or 2 by 3 size.

But Most Important :  Applicant Has To Submit The Memorandum Of Marriage Forms (Download the form) Affixed With Rs. 100 Court Fee Stamp

Please Note :
◘ All Above Documents Should Be Submitted Along With Original + 1 Attested Zerox Copy. The Parties (Bride & Groom) And Three Witnesses To The Marriage Shall Appear In Person Before The Registrar And Sign And Memorandum Under Section 6(B) Of Maharashtra Marriage Act, 1998
◘ In Case Of Divorcees, Divorce Decree Certificate Must Be Produced
◘ In Case Of Widow And Widower Death Certificate Of Concern Person Must be Produce.

Terms & Conditions for Registering Marriage
Each party involved should have no other subsisting valid marriage. In other words, the resulting marriage should be monogamous for both parties.
The bridegroom must be at least 21 years old; the bride must be at least 18 years old.
The parties should be competent in regards to their mental capacity to the extent that they are able to give valid consent for the marriage.
The parties should not fall within the degree of prohibited relationship.

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