The uses of Marriage Certificate

We are living in an era where proof is required to establish anything, and everything. Marriages too needs to have a proof. That is the reason why registration of marriages have been made compulsory. A Marriage certificate is issued by governments, as proof of their marriage. Hence, it is the most vital document in a marriage.
What is a Marriage certificate? What are the uses of a Marriage certificate?
The marriage certificate is a legal document confirming a union (marriage) that has occurred between a man and a woman (bride and a groom). In simple words, a marriage certificate is a legal proof from the government that you are married. Marriage certificate is useful while applying for other government ID proofs reports like Pan Card, Passport, and even Visa. But, for this, you have to get the marriage registered.

Most importantly, a Marriage certificate is a vital document for spouses fighting legal battle. How?
It is very important for women to have their registration of marriages done, so that they can claim their legal rights, in case of any disputes in marriage. There are increasing number of husbands (and even wives) who out rightly deny their marriages. This leaves the spouse in the lurch. Thus, moved by the plight of their deserted spouses (especially the women), registration of marriages were made compulsory. Marriage certificates are also useful when seeking maintenance, custody of children or inheritance of property, obtaining a passport, changing your maiden name, etc.

Marriage certificate is useful while claiming inheritance.
In cases where one of the spouse has died of natural cause, the surviving partner has all rights on the property of the deceased. There are chances of others questioning the legality of the marriage. Such claims, mostly, may come from the relatives of the deceased. Having a marriage certificate will help manage such situations in future while claiming inheritance. But, the first step is to get the marriage registered.
A Marriage certificate is also useful….
If you plan on buying a house and need to apply for a loan, many lenders will ask for a marriage certificate.
Helpful for getting a visa
Enables to claim insurance policy.
Filing taxes jointly
The marriage certificate is required if you are heading to open a bank account.

A marriage certificate is useful in both, personal & professional life of an individual. Life is much easier if you have your marriage certificate with you. In India, Marriages can be registered either under the Hindu Marriage Act-1955 or under the Special Marriage Act-1954. For both types of marriages, a marriage certificate is the legitimate proof that a couple is married. Based on the religious practise of an individual, it depends which marriage act they falls under.
To read more about the two marriage acts, click here.

There are specific documents needed for obtaining your marriage certificate.
Completely filled application form signed by both, husband and wife.
Proof of Address – Voter ID/ Ration Card/ Passport, Driving License.
Proof of Date of Birth of both, husband and wife.
2 passport sized photographs, 1 marriage photograph.
We will help you to book an appointment at the marriage registrar office.
After visiting registrar office, you will get the Marriage Registration Certificate in 1 month.

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