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Why we need Marriage Certificate

Marriages / Wedding is considered very special / respectful & Pure in India, In respective of any religion. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Jews or Parsi etc. In India, we try our level best to make it memorable with arranging Marriage / Reception with gathering of Hundreds of friends & Relatives. We make sure that all get it done as per Ritual & customs, in the presence of priest etc.

Even after all these proofs & evidence, The Law will consider it valid only after Civil registration of the marriage is done. Marriages will be considered Valid only if Marriages To Be Solemnized Under Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or Under Special Marriage Act 1954 or Marriage Memorandum Under Maharashtra Regulation Marriage Bureaus And Registration Of Marriages 1998.


We are Happy To Help You To Applying Marriage Certificate Online call Smita +91 9321006000


The Indian Government has made mandatory for Married couples to have Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate & Its Benefits :

Marriage Certificate is basically a Certificate given to a Married Couple after marriage registration, Its a very important document provides valuable evidence of marriage, Its a proof to certify the couple wedded legally, You can be fined for not registering your Marriage.
Marriage Certificate can be useful in provide evidence of marriage in case of any Marriage Disputes. Applying Visa for Husband & Wife, it can be useful for adding Spouse name in Passport or Changing Name in Passport after Marriage, providing social security, self-confidence particularly among married women; Claiming the deposits of Bank / Life Insurance benefits when the Insurer dies without a nomination or otherwise, Property dispute legal heir

Document Required while applying for Marriage Certificate :

The applicants have to apply in a prescribed form or Applicant Has To Submit The Memorandum Of Marriage Forms ( which are supplied in the office of marriage officer Mumbai.) Affixed With Rs. 100 Court Fee Stamp.
Bride & Bridegroom Age Proof | Bride & Bridegroom Residential Proof | Proof of all Three (3)Witness | Wedding Card | Rs. 100=00/- Court Fee Stamp | Two (2) Joint photographs of both bridegroom & bride in b2 size or 2 by 3 size.
Note : All Above Documents Should Be Submitted Along With Original + 1 Attested Zerox Copy. The Parties (Bride & Groom) And Three Witnesses To The Marriage Shall Appear In Person Before The Registrar And Sign And Memorandum Under Section 6(B) Of Maharashtra Marriage Act, 1998.
In Case Of Divorcees, Divorce Decree Certificate Must Be Produced
In Case Of Widow And Widower Death Certificate Of Concern Person Must Produce.

Some Useful Frequently asked Question for Marriage Certificate

Q.1.Hiee , my name in Deepa. I stay in Chembur . I have documents of Mumbai only. My husband has his set of documents from Kerala . Will it be possible to make a Marriage Certificate from Mumbai ?
Yes we provide service in Chembur also .Since Deepa you have documents of Mumbai only , you can prepare Marriage Certificate in Mumbai only .The documents of your husband belonging to Kerala does not matter in this case. For more details with regards Marriage Certificate kindly Contact : or Call 022-67706006, 67706008, 67706009.

Q.2.I am Emraan Baig .I reside in Khopoli .I intend to apply for Marriage Certificate of us.I wanted to know whether you provide services in our area?
Mr Emraan Baig we are very happy to share this information that we provide services in the Central line .We very much provide services in Khopoli. As an added advantage we also provide pick & drop facility. For a detailed explanation of the entire process , Kindly Call Smita Madam : 9321006000

Q.3 Hello my Name is Nitesh Rana. I m a Divorcee .I am going to perform a Court Marriage .Do you prepare a Marriage Certificate in this case ?
Yes we do provide Marriage Certificates in case of remarriage .You only need to provide all the requisite documents apart from your Divorce Decree & Court Order. After you perform your Court Marriage, you can immediately contact us.

Q.4 I am Kinjal Shah .I reside in Virar .I intend to apply Marriage Certificate of us. I wanted to know whether you provide services in our area?
Mrs Kinjal Shah we are very happy to share this information that we provide services in the Western line .We very much provide services in Virar.As an added advantage we also provide pick & drop facility .For a detailed explanation of the entire process , Kindly Call : Smita +91 9321006000.

Q.5 My name is Mrs Seema Mehta. I intend to prepare my Marriage Cerificate .I am off lately married.I would like to know whether we need to pay a visit to the Officers responsible for making the Marriage Certificate . My husbands Address related documents are related to Bhandup.Could I prepare a Marriage Certificate Online ?

Firstly the answer to your question is Yes . Our organization takes a prior appointment with the concerned authorities .For further details visit kindly contact or Call Smita Madam : 9321006000. You need to appear along with your husband on the scheduled date .The Concerned Officer related to Marriage Certificate checks all the details , he verifies the photocopies with the originals. Also the signature & thumb impression of you , your husband & 3 witnesses is also required . In this case , since your husband has documents related to Bhandup , the Officer where you would be scheduled an appointment would be “ S Ward”.

Q.6 Hello my name is Mr Kannan Narayanan. I have Address Proof related to Ghatkopar. I would like to get an insight about the documents to be submitted to the Concerned Officers related to Marriage Certificate during appointments. Is the process of Marriage Certificate Online Available ?

Your documents are related to Ghatkopar. So the ward under which you need to go for an appointment would be Ghatkopar N Ward. The documents that you need to submit during the scheduled appointment are Form “D”,printed payment receipt generated during Form “D” ,Self attested photocopies of the proof , all three witnesses with their original proofs, wedding card/affidavit/notary etc). For an indepth discussion kindly contact or Call Smita Madam : 9321006000.

Q.7 Hello my name is Mr Kiran Kamath. I have my Aadhaar Card bearing Address bears address related to Ghatkopar .Please could you throw light on the submission of Aadhaar Card related to Marriage Certificate .Is the process Marriage Certificate Online available ?

Mr Kiran Kamath since your Aadhaar Card bears address of Ghatkopar, your jurisdiction related to Marriage Certificate comes under “N Ward”. If you are choosing aadhar card as a resident proof, make sure that whole copy of aadhar card, along with the printing date (which is printed vertically on all aadhar cards) is must. Also, that date must be of before date of marriage. For example, if I got married on 27/07/2017 then aadhar card must have the printing date before 27/07/2017. You can call Smita Madam : 9321006000 or for further clarifications.

Q.8 How many witnesses are required so as to make a Marriage valid?

Witnesses are very vital for making a Marriage valid in the eyes of the Court of Law. Three witnesses are required for making a Marriage valid. Apart from their presence during the Marriage, their presence & other relevant documents is also required during the appointment with the concerned authorities. Kindly Contact the team member Smita Madam : 9321006000 or contact our Website

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